Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Four Legged friends

What would we do without our four legged friends? I love my babies. Here are some current pics of my three (yes, I said three) dogs and my very brave cat.
The first pic is Kirby he is 11 yrs. old, even though he is completely blind he manages to get around just fine, always needs his blankets close by. Then there is Tidus our 5 yr. old cat. I actually brought him home from work one day. A litter of kittens were born in the mill behind my place of employment at the time. He is an outdoor/indoor cat...whatever he wants, lol. A great little hunter. My baby Sydney (the other Boston Terrier) was a birthday surprise from my husband. She is pretty much my "side kick", A little heartbeat at my feet.
Lastly, there is Moses. What can I say...I brought him home from work too, hey...he needed a home and Im a sucker. We completely fell in love with him. The biggest couch potato Ive ever seen. His favorite places are my couch and our bed!

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